In their novels, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Tempest’, Mary Shelley and Shakespeare both present Caliban and Frankenstein’s creation as victims of circumstance. They do this by using different language features and different themes throughout the novels. Frankenstein was written in 1818 when there was much unrest and suspicion from secret experiments based on bringing the dead […]

GCSE “I CAN TELL YOU NOW” TASK. DRAMA SHOULD BE TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY. ‘Shy people shouldn’t be forced into drama’. This statement is used to undermine Drama as a compulsory subject in schools all the time. So, from this, would it be possible if I could stop studying maths because it stresses me out? Or […]

Arthur miller issues detailed descriptions of the setting to make symbolic connections between place and the traditional ideologies held within it. He does this by using an allegory in the story which presents McCarthyism through which hunts in the 1600’s. In the extract, it describes a room in great detail, quoting; ‘There is a narrow […]

I am a predator. Created by an architectural genius, who designed me to have such swift elegance, yet such thunderous power. Today, I will hunt again. My offspring need feeding and so do I. I often wonder whether starvation is good for me. It intrigues me to think something so deadly and threatening to my […]

Dear Ms. Kerr, I am writing in disagreement of an article I recently read by you. It was on the topic of slang, and how you believe it’s bad for society and the English language. If you would, please find the time to take in my points and possibly re-evaluate your opinion. Slang, as we know, […]

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelly in 1818. During this time, scientists had been beginning to explore and experiment on the dead, and if they could be resurrected. The often-gory experiments left the public intrigued yet suspicious, so subsequently the hot topic of that time. It was this which inspired Mary Shelly to write Frankenstein […]

The burqa It is 2014; a day and age where the majority of the world lives enriched in multiculturalism and equality. Naturally, anybody of any age or gender or race or class can wear what they want and with freedom. So why should the burqa be an exception? Firstly, a burqa is a long, loose […]

A) the old man is blind. The effect and representation behind this highlights Frankensteins monsters’ realisation towards his appearance and how it leads to his contestant dismissal. Additionally it shows the monster needs somebody to be blind to accept him, despite his immaculate English- his abnormal appearance. b) the old man is left alone. This […]

1) identify two quotations that use pathetic fallacy to convey victors guilt in extract a; -”for some time I sat upon the rock that overlooks the sea if ice”. This quotation uses pathetic fallacy to connote frankensteins guilt due the conditions described. He is ‘sat upon the rock’, watching a ‘sea of ice’ this clearly shows […]

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